Commercial Loans

Commercial Loans

Optimal Loans will find you the best loan products for your business needs. Perhaps you want to purchase a new business or buy the property you’re renting. Maybe you just need working capital or equipment financing. Our customers may be buying a new organic restaurant in Oakland or a Subway franchise.

Are you looking to purchase a gas station, liquor store, a trendy clothing shop in Berkeley, a hip motorcycle dealership, apartment complex or a motel?Under our commercial services umbrella we also offer financial analysis of your new business venture. Our commercial consultants can help you produce a financial model and show you the real picture. We can help you find the bottom line also known as the Net Operating Income (NOI). Know what your investment will yield and buy with confidence!!

Loan Products

504 Loan

  • Requires less of a down payment 10-15%
  • SBA loans are paid in two loans 25yrs w/balloon payment after 10 years

7A Loan

  • No balloon payments are allowed on 7As
  • SBA charges a pre-payment penalty—IF the loan is paid off in 1st 3 years


  • 20-30% down
  • Competitive Rates
  • No SBA fees